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Kiev promised rain and thunderstorm

Киевлянам пообещали дождь и грозу

Residents of Kiev are waiting for the rain and heat

Friday, the final working day of this week, no promises to the residents of Kiev did good. The heat, which recently came to the capital to continue to pester dared to go outside, and even weather forecasters promise rain, writes the with reference to the Informant.

And the snow storm is threatening to go in the evening, when all zasobiralsya home from work.

So, the night temperature will not fall below 14…16°C, and the day will continue to approach the psychological level of 30°C. on 24 may, the thermometer will stop at 24…26°C. As already mentioned, towards evening (and early morning too) it’s supposed to rain with thunderstorms. But the day of rare campers will not be able to soak in the sun, because it will be hidden behind the clouds.

According to meteorologists in the capital, except that it will be a little colder — the temperature will not exceed 15°C at night and 24°C during the day, but the storm is expected only towards the end of the day — morning, residents of Kiev will be able to go to work accompanied by clouds.

In people, may 24, was revered as the day of Mokios Wet. Don’t know who was Mokios, but we can assume that a good forecaster. The thing is that the weather on 24 may was made the weather all summer. So, rainy weather is a sign that summer will also be a lot of rain. Said: “If the sky were to leak, all summer rain shower”. Crimson sunrise on this day also predicted a stormy summer.

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