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Kiev promised a new form of public transport

Киевлянам пообещали новый вид общественного транспортаUrbanists suggest to develop tram routes.

After two or three years in Kiev can be a new form of transport — Metrobus. A new system of rapid public transport Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will link otdalennye the capital districts with the center and among themselves. For example, troieschyna and Photographs with the Sevastopol area and the centre. Experts-urbanists support this idea partially.
With Troyeshchyna to Sevastopol

The Metrobus is a rolling stock similar to a bus or trolley, but with much greater capacity, moving along separately fenced side of the road. “If the average speed of cars in crowded city traffic is 23 km/hour, the Metrobus will travel at a speed of 35 km/h. Besides, at the expense of the individual strips, it will not interfere with motorists and create traffic jams. In may, our experts will complete the feasibility study of the project. We expect two to three years to launch the first route,” — said “news” the Deputy head of the Kyiv city state administration Ilya Sagaidak. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to officials, the world Bank is ready to Finance the project. First plans to solve the acute transportation problem in the capital — communication between the left and right banks. In this regard, the priority promising corridor is the route from Troyeshchyna across the bridge Bandera street Teligi, Shulyavska overpass, Chokolovsky Avenue — to the Sevastopol area. The length of the line will be 22,38 km, Metrobus on this route will be able to carry of the order of 141 thousand passengers a day.

“After the creation of the Department need to perform the roadbed, then to identify locations for transfer stations and also decide what kind of transport to start the route. Most likely, it will be the trolley as the fuel for buses is more expensive than electricity, and the contact line along this route we are almost ready”, say “news” in Department of transport infrastructure KSCA. Besides, choose the sizes of the rolling stock as the metro bus come in 10-, 20 – and 30-meter. According to preliminary calculations, the construction of the line str — Sevastopol area will cost 120 million euros. Another 30 million — the cost of transport. “For the functioning of this route, you need 60 units: 50 — flight, 10 — spare in case of breakdowns,” we are told in the city hall.

The second line BRT can pass on the left Bank — Darnytskyi area on the Forest, its capacity is estimated at 160 thousand people a day. In the future, in addition to these two routes will create up to:. — PL. Sevastopol, PL Taras Shevchenko PL. Leo Tolstoy, Husbandman — Lev Tolstoy square, Khreshchatyk — wt. Kharkiv, metro station “Chernihiv” — PL. Sevastopol. — Lev Tolstoy square, wt. Kharkiv — Lev Tolstoy square, center — vidubichi, str., Darnytsia — Lisovyi. These routes will carry more than 290 thousand passengers daily.

“It is better to develop tram routes”

Urbanist Gregory Melnichuk sure that the new rapid transit system of Kiev can be an optimal solution if we consider it locally. But covering the whole of the capital lines of Metrobus, the expert considers inappropriate. “BRT has appeared in 90-ies in Latin America as a cheaper substitute of the metro and trams that we have. Metrobus will be really useful on the line to Troeschyna — Sevastopol area. But as for other urban areas, the need to develop a tram route, to begin with — to increase passenger numbers by increasing the size of trains. Besides, it will save money,” he says, “Vesti”.

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