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Kiev on the bridge Paton will introduce a new system of organization of the movement

На киевском мосту Патона внедрят новую систему организации движенияMany people of Kiev to the Road Zipper were skeptical and believe the project PR.

Gorvlasti intend to introduce at the Paton bridge and the prospect of Reunification (up to the Darnitsa area) the modern system of organization reversible movement called Road Zipper. It is planned that the new system will work before the end of this year.

MOBILE BUMP. According to the Deputy, member of the Commission on transport of Kyiv city Council Ilya Sagaidak, Road Zipper is a bump consisting of a mobile, connected sections (each weighing more than 450 kg) and special vehicles, which during movement moves the sections on the roadway. “Works special vehicle without traffic. This means that the morning will be added one or two bands towards the center, and in the evening — in the opposite direction”, — says Sagaydak. According to him, the previous project of the organization of traffic on a bridge with two lanes for private vehicles in each direction and one for public transport, which proved to be ineffective. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“After the implementation of the Road Zipper system can save almost 3840 litres / day and significantly reduce ingress of harmful substances into the air. But most importantly, the new system will allow you to keep the strip AC the direction of motion, while decreasing the accident rate due to the physical separation of oncoming traffic. Only in the last six months on the bridge Paton had 5 head-on collisions,” — said the Deputy. The cost of implementing the new system has not yet voiced. “In the near future will be commissioned a feasibility study and the project itself,” said Sagaidak.

AGAINST. Many people of Kiev to the Road Zipper were skeptical. “Why waste the feasibility study a lot of money if they can buy new trolleybuses, trams or to spend on repairs “tired” Shulyavska bridge” — wrote from Kiev Sergey Suprun. “Still set on signalized intersections video surveillance system that will analyze the load of the roads and time to switch the red and green light — then it will be good, and so is chaos!” — said the Kiev Ivan Semko. “This system is just PR. It will not solve the problem of traffic jams and will only confuse people,” adds the driver, Alexander.

According to Oleksandr Kava, an expert on transport, organization of the reversing motion of the system of traffic lights on the Paton bridge and the prospect of Reunification was not working. “The drivers out on the reverse lane at your own risk. If the Road Zipper system is implemented, it will reduce the amount of congestion on the Paton bridge and the entrance to it in the morning and evening peak hours,” says cava. The expert adds: “In the capital it is possible to eliminate 40% of the traffic a simple reorganization of the traffic at problem intersections,” explained kawa.

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