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Kiev may risk losing the property because of debts for heat

Киевляне рискуют лишиться имущества из-за долгов за теплоDebts of Ukrainians are growing.

Capital suppliers have begun to threaten the Kiev courts, fines and seizure of property for nonpayment of utility debts. The debtors complain that their demands for the allocations of payments are ignored.

Need to repay debts

Before the heating season in Kiev are increasingly awarded “letters of happiness”, which indicates that they served in the court, by whose decision they will collect the amount of debt, penalty interest, court costs and even attorney services. Learned how to “Vesti”, in Kiev courts have even appointed such meetings.

In particular, October 15 and November 11 in Goloseevsky court will address the claims of heatsupplier “Teplopostachannya” against residents LCD “Sokograd” on the Towers. “Teplopostachannya” claim that “Icograda” for the last heating season owed about 15 million UAH, because of what the situation on the eve of the heating season is critical. At the same time, residents complain that the amount of the payment unreasonably high.

“I counted over a month 5900 UAH for heating an apartment with an area of 49 sq. m. the heat in the apartment didn’t arrive, as we sealed the taps, because we don’t live there. There are the conclusion of the chief engineer” — outraged kievlyanin Sergei Chernichko. His neighbor Julia Koltunova also outraged that she had assigned the debt for the hot water, she doesn’t even use, as she mounted boiler. And the inhabitant of the next house Dmitry Kovtun surprised that at first he was charged with the duty of 9 thousand UAH, and now he himself is “shrunk” to 6 thousand UAH. “This only confirms that the figures in the payment from the ceiling” — he said “news”.

“Teplopostachannya” assure that all charges for heating are made in accordance with the tariffs approved by the national Commission.
Owed billions

Much bigger problem with the non-payment of debts “Kyivenergo”. “On September 1, residents of Kiev have us for heating of 1.35 billion and for electricity — 363,3 million. The greatest debtors on heat — consumers of the Svyatoshinsky and Desnyansky districts, and for electricity — the type of the Sviatoshynskyi and Solomianskyi districts”, — said “news” in a press-service of the company. According to energy, they have to go to extreme measures to lawsuits, because people categorically refuse to pay the receipt.

“We have to send debtors notices and go to court. After all, if we do not pay, we, in turn, can’t pay for gas, “Naftogaz”, which could cause shortages of heating”, – “Kyivenergo”

Today, the company passed 1.2 thousand cases of debtors to the court and 645 already issued court orders on debt collection.

What to do

According to lawyers, to pay the debts still have. “If you disagree with the payment system, write complaints and their demands to the service provider. If he ignores you, serve him to the court, which may order the supplier to present you a cost estimate numbers. But if the court finds the amount of legal — will have to pay,” — said “news” the lawyer of the company “Ilyashev and Partners” Roman Marchenko. Lawyer Ivan Lieberman advises to attend court hearings that consumers did not recognize the guilty party without their knowledge.

“People can ask the court to appoint a variety of expertise that will help to determine the correct counted their tariffs or to conduct a financial audit in the company — provider. Then only remains to hope that until the time spent on examination, the rates of the national Commission deemed illegal and the debt will be recalculated,” said Lieberman. The recognition rates of illegal demands and the former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko: “In June of last year we filed a lawsuit against the national Commission. But while our business “hanging out” in litigation. In a crisis, these draconian tariffs finish of citizens who now will be extremely difficult to fight back in the courts from suppliers of utilities”.

Which can deny

If Arsenal have no money to pay debts, the court, according to the lawyer of Ivan Liebermann, may seize their movable and immovable property. “According to the Law on enforcement proceedings, first seize personal property. That is, take what you can bring: furniture, audio and video equipment, tubs, toilets, even unable to remove the socket. The law only forbids taking the fridge, underwear, a set of winter clothes, baby items, conservation and Slippers, if they are worn by 50%,” he explains.

According to the lawyer, the bailiffs sell the confiscated items, and the money from the profit transfer for the payment of debts. “If this amount is not enough, then arrested property that is flat. However, before such extreme measures are unlikely to reach,” — said Lieberman.

Киевляне рискуют лишиться имущества из-за долгов за тепло

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