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Kiev is outraged by the sign of a pizzeria in the city center

Киевляне возмущены вывеской пиццерии в центре городаThe sign will be completely dismantled soon.

In the capital there was a scandal because of the signs of the pizzeria, which opened in the city centre on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 19, — near Lev Tolstoy square. The huge logo for a new pizza joint in bright red and yellow colors found on the facade of a historic building of the cinema “Kiev”.

The new sign sparked outrage citizens. “How can you desecrate the city? The stunning beauty of the building, and now this!” — wrote from Kiev Lyudmila Solomakha. Some Kiev residents even offered to organize themselves and their forces to remove the sign. But to reassure the public, the institution has decided to dismantle the logo in two hours after installation. Above the entrance to the school was left hanging only phone number pizzerias, written in large numerals in white on a red background. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“We have received lots of feedback about our new sign on Leo Tolstoy. Therefore, we decided to remove it immediately. We are very sorry that this was happening,” wrote the management of the pizzeria on the page of the institution in social networks.

As told “Today” in school, a sign will be completely dismantled soon. “Perhaps, instead of this signage will be installed, the other small and not so bright,” he said.

According to Natalia Goncharova, the head of Department of advertising of Department of town planning and architecture KSCA, the sign was installed illegally, and if the institution took the decision to dismantle it, then three days later it would do the utility. “The installed signage has violated all the rules: it must be significantly less, not to block Windows and decorative elements of the building. Permit installation of signs in the form in which it appeared on the facade of the city wasn’t given”, — told the “Today” Natalia Goncharova, adding that there are more than 28 thousands of similar illegal objects, and they need to be removed.

A new design code for the signage

Gorvlasti intend to deal with the dominance of illegal signage in the city. “We have developed a new “advertising policy” with a clear design code for the signage. In the Central and historical part of the sign will be located separate display symbols on a flat substrate, transparent or the color of the facade. Now it signs in the form of color, bright boxes,” — explained Natalia Goncharova. For the proposed draft decision due to be approved by deputies at the nearest session of the Kyiv city Council. “Entrepreneurs will not be able to obtain permission to install anything,” — said Goncharov.

It is planned to organize an advertising structure and the Charter of the city, which can take at the end of 2017. “The city is not created for outdoor advertising, and for the comfort of residents. Our task, together with the citizens to write rules that would protect their right to public space” — said in the KSCA.

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