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Kiev has suggested to force the utility to Refine the yards

Киевлянам подсказали, как заставить коммунальщиков облагородить дворыWhere to go to after the repair, the yard has restored the asphalt coating.

In the capital near the house on Prospekt Gongadze, 20-b, for six months does not arrange well the territory after digging, which carried out the repair of pipes from-for accidents on underground communications. “To walk in the yard!” complain to the local residents.

“Now really have a big problem with the dug after repair of underground utilities in the city. There are about a thousand, and almost all of them were dug after the emergency, but not planned. For a long time there has been no improvement in these areas due to the fact that the company responsible for the repair of underground utilities and further beautification of the territories were freezing accounts, and they could not perform the work. But the company recently decided this question and claims that allegedly already paid for the landscaping, because in the near future digging will begin to liquidate and plots in the yards will result in the order”, – says Dmitry Belotserkovets, Advisor to the mayor of Kiev.

Kiev in such cases can Contact call center of city hall by phone 15-51, or leave a written notice on the center’s website, or in writing to notify about this issue, RGA, then the data will be transferred to specialized professionals.

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