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Kiev cops busted a gang of dangerous kidnappers

Киевские копы повязали банду опасных похитителейThe criminals were detained by accident.

Police detained the attackers 28 and 40, who was kidnapped in Odessa the man, brought him blindfolded to the Kyiv region, and three days later were beaten.

The bound captive cops discovered by accident, when he searched the house in another case.

A pistol with two clips, knives, balaclavas and a certificate of “berkutovets” found in the house in the Kyiv region, where he was held prisoner. Searches and detentions scared all the village of Klavdiyevo-tarasove.

“We were surprised and a little scared,” admits a positive local Anna Sytnyk.

People who live near the house where he was detained until the arrival of police, nothing suspicious is noticed – but this time in the house for several days tortured the man.

The torture victim is 28-summer inhabitant of Kiev. He was found all bruised and cut. With his words, he had a rest in Odessa and had to go home. “I decided to go to Breakfast. Ran five people, called the police and told that you are detained, will travel with us,” said the victim. “Security forces” have pushed a man in a car and drove ostensibly in office, but actually tied the victim’s eye was transplanted into another car, beat him and took him almost to the capital. Upon arrival, pulled into a private house. “Threw it on the floor, bound hands and feet. No food, only water occasionally. The reasons are not explained, asked for 30 thousand dollars,” said the man.

The house in which was kept a prisoner several months ago resold. Neighbors say the new owners appeared only two weeks ago. “Lived two. And then they came some men engaged in Boxing,” says local resident Anna Sytnyk.

But on the eve of the house visited the couple, who introduced themselves as homeowners. People were stunned that there is someone who lives, called the police and they entered the courtyard. Is sensed and the kidnappers, so she asked the victim to lie.

“She asked that I said we were training, so I’m beat,” said the man. He did not agree. “The hostage was discovered on the second floor, with zwiazanymi hands and a bag on his head,” – said the head of the regional police Andrew Nebytov.

But it turned out that the victim had a few weeks of searching for the Odessa police for theft. So it is together with offenders was delivered to the detention facility.

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