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Kiev Botanical garden flooded with sewage

Киевский ботанический сад заливает нечистотами“Fertilizer” gets in the garden, near the Central entrance there is an intolerable stench.

Kyiv National Botanical garden to them. Grishko (Timiryazevskaya str, 1), a scandal broke out due to the drain sewer. The owners of private houses allegedly illegally connected to the sewer pumping station, Botanical garden that leads to the leakages of sewage. “Fertilizer” falls into the territory of the protected zone, which began to dry up 300 year old trees.

POURED MORE THAN ONE YEAR. As told to us in the Botanical garden, a pumping station was built in 1975. Five years later, it joined the neighboring school at St. Timiryazevskaya. Later it became illegally involved residents of private homes. “Now it is 50 subscribers. Some of them were granted permission to develop the requirements specification for the design, but it does not give them rights to connect to the city sewer. In our case, nobody has the right to connect to the pumping station, without agreement on compensation of costs for pumping of sewage. None of the connected subscribers is not the act of commissioning”, — told the “Today” in the Botanical garden.

Киевский ботанический сад заливает нечистотами

Because of the huge volume of wastewater pumps can not cope with pumping and the water level sometimes rises to a critical level. “To the storm sewer on the street Timirjazevskaja, designed to collect rain water, residents have illegally connected their sewage. And now the water with the feces gets to our area. Near the main entrance, especially in the morning, there is an intolerable stench. Affected trees. For example, a 300-year-old beeches began to dry up. “Fertilizer” poisoning the ground water”, — told the “Today” chief engineer of the Botanical garden Alexander Becarevic.

CHECK THE CONSTRUCTION. The authorities promise to understand: in the Kyiv city Council will create a temporary control Commission. “The situation in the Botanical garden we go to the ecoinspection”, — assured the “Today” member of the Commission on questions of environmental policy of the Kyiv city Council Dennis Moskal. Will check the legality of construction of private houses adjacent to the Botanical garden. “The decision of the Verkhovna Rada of the moratorium on the allocation of land at a minimum distance of 200 meters from the boundaries of protected areas. Despite this, at a distance of 150 meters from the Botanical garden on the street Zemlyansky stroyraboty conducted at four sites,” — said Moskal.

The fee for six months will check the legality of the transfer of land and construction. “In some cases, do build without permits. I think the practice of demolition of illegal buildings, as it was with the House of trade unions, can be applied to the illegal construction at the Botanical garden,” — said the Deputy.

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