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Kidney problems: 8 early symptoms

Проблемы с почками: 8 ранних симптомов What are the symptoms should not be ignored.

Kidney is the organ responsible for cleansing our body.

Along with urine they remove toxic substances and wastes from the body.

The kidneys are responsible for maintaining balance is important for our health substances, such as salt, calcium etc. the issues with kidneys lead to the fact that these processes are not carried out properly.

Buds located lower down on the chest of a man. It is estimated that every day, our kidneys filter out toxins from 120 to 125 liters of blood.

When the human body accumulates too many toxins in the kidneys malfunctions occur.

Disorders of the kidney cause changes in important processes of human life. It can threaten the emergence of different diseases and reduced quality of life.

The problem is that very often the disorders of the kidneys were detected at later stages. Unfortunately, the more time missed, the harder the treatment will be.

It is therefore very important to know how it manifested disorders of the kidneys, which symptoms and they are accompanied by what signs can indicate the presence of disease.

Experts told about the 8 symptoms that can identify irregularities in the work of the kidneys.

1. Changes in urine

If you notice that the urine has become different, it may be an early sign of malfunction of the kidneys.

Because the kidneys are responsible for urine production, any disruption of these bodies leads to changes in the urine.

So, in some cases, a person has a desire to urinate at night. In other cases, there are uncontrolled urination during the day.

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Often the color of urine darkens (in some cases, acquiring orange hues), she has a sharp and unpleasant smell.

2. Swelling

Swelling and fluid retention are also a sign that the kidneys are no longer properly do its job.

Due to the inflammation of the fluid retained in the tissues of the human body.

Most often suffer from edema:

Of the foot.
The stomach.

3. Acne

When kidney function is disturbed, in the blood starts accumulating toxins. It could trigger acne.

Together with blood toxins get into the skin pores, which can disrupt the natural production of skin oils.

As a result, pimples and itching, which can cause great inconvenience.

Although typically acne can be cured by applying local funds, such treatment will not result if the cause of acne is intoxication. In this case, you must start with cleansing the kidneys.

4. Lower back pain

Pain in the lower back or in your side can also indicate presence of kidney disease.

Sometimes the pain can be confused with common muscle pain. However, it should not be ignored, because in some cases, pain can hide the polycystic kidney stones and even liver disease.

5. Nausea and vomiting

Causes of nausea and vomiting may be different. In some cases these symptoms are the result of kidney disease. Especially need to be careful if the nausea is accompanied by other unpleasant sensations or a pain.

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Nausea and vomiting appear due to the accumulation of toxins in the human body as a result of improper working of the kidneys. This leads to violations in various vital processes of our body.

6. Dry skin

When kidney disease progressing, our body is often faced with dehydration in the result of violation of processes of processing of water.

As a result, our skin loses essential moisture and becomes dry.

7. Dizziness

Some patients suffering from kidney disease may develop anemia. This situation requires emergency treatment, you cannot run it.

If you began to experience frequent dizziness, you complain of chronic fatigue and weakness, it is very important to seek the advice of a doctor.

These symptoms are explained by the fact that the body decreases the amount of red blood cells, causing the brain ceases to receive enough oxygen.

8. Loss of appetite

If a person with a good appetite suddenly lost the desire to eat, rather, we are talking about the emergence of any disease.

It should be borne in mind that kidney disease can also provoke a loss of appetite.

In some cases, disorders in the kidney cause hiccups, and a feeling of satiety.


Disorders of the kidney can be eliminated when detected early.

Ignoring this problem can lead to the development of hypertension, chronic fluid retention and infections.

Try to be more attentive to such signals from your body and visit a medical professional whenever in doubt.

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