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Khmelnytsky: “Zebra” Hуindai hit a woman

Хмельницкий: на "зебре" Hуindai сбил женщинуThe circumstances of the accident are being investigated.

Khmelnychanka crossed the road on the unregulated crosswalk.

In the regional center, on the street Starokonstantinovsky highway, on a pedestrian crossing knocked down a 31-year-old woman.

The driver of the car Hуindai, admitted hitting on a woman born in 1986, which crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing. The victim was taken away by the ambulance.

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The investigators find out the circumstances of the case.

Хмельницкий: на "зебре" Hуindai сбил женщину
Хмельницкий: на "зебре" Hуindai сбил женщину

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