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Kherson: drunk driver car staged a race with the police

Херсон: пьяный лихач на авто устроил гонки с полицией The incident occurred in the early morning of the 28th of July.

Drunk driver caught Kherson patrol.

Perekopskaya street at about 04 in the morning patrol spotted the car Acura MDX. The vehicle was moving with traffic violations.

The inspectors stopped him. While chatting with the driver police noticed signs of intoxication.

Patrol asked him to be examined by using the Alcotest Drager in place.

However, the man suddenly left the place. However, he left the inspectors the documents. The patrol immediately began the pursuit.

The inspectors were constantly commanded to stop via a loudspeaker, sound and light signals.

The driver ignored the police request. The fugitive car was stopped on the street Nakhimov in Antonivka. In accordance with the law the driver refused to undergo examination for intoxication.

33-year-old khersonets patrol made up administerial under article 122 (violation of the rules of the location of vehicles on the roadway), article 122-2 (Failure to meet requirement about a stop) and article 130 (Management of intoxication) of the administrative code.

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