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Kharkov is flooded with ads of drugs

Харьков наводнила реклама наркотических веществSpice and salt is spread early in the morning, and chemists change the formulas.

Kharkov more rapidly the epidemic encompasses a network of drug trafficking. In just three years on the new meaning of the words “treasure” and “bookmark” learned everything from small to big, drug dealers have created countless websites showcases their products, and all the efforts of the police to prevent disorderly trading resemble tilting at windmills.

In local forums we found a lot of exciting reviews from people, who faced the hunters to bookmarks. “Live in the private sector, near the fence — the brilliant green trees and bushes. Almost every day you have to run out in the evening and drive the youngsters who are trying a hole for planting to dig, those who have something try to find” — says a local resident on the forum.

At the same time, not everyone is ready to drive away fans of dope. “Come back home around 19:00 and watch to my entrance a car drove up. The guys came out, took something under the visor and left, and did everything very quickly. Very scary when the outside of your door roam addicts, because I have two children”, — told us the resident of Cold Mountain Natalie skichko.

To assess the extent of the problem with bookmarks, you just look around while walking — labels is spice, “salt”, “dryer”, other synthetic drugs and contacts in Skype or social networks adorn the fences and houses. A network of dozens of sites and forums where you can place an order. There is a price list with a detailed description of products and prices. Paying for right product details, the client gets the address of “treasure”.

“Bookmarks carry at 4:00-5:00, when people are sleeping and it is dark outside, because to calculate them is very difficult. Lay mainly in residential buildings to snap to locations. Easier to catch someone who picks up. There was a case when people saw the guys looking for a treasure called our guys just arrived, caught red-handed,” says patrolman Dennis Music.

Militiamen assure that the detention of the lovers of the dope are not uncommon. On average, every two weeks, and even more often, in the hands of the police enters either the distributor or the customer. But to bring them to responsibility is almost an impossible task. First, their actions were often not qualify as sales, and as storage. Sometimes the results of examinations investigators receive the help that they seized substance is a narcotic, in terms of the law.

Харьков наводнила реклама наркотических веществ

Their service dealers to advertise, pointing to the walls, contacts in social networks

“Chemists are constantly combined to all these mixes and “salt” remained within the law. It is worth to change at least a little, the chemical formula of a substance as prohibited it becomes legal,” — says head of the DEA, oblon Nikolay Moskalev.

According to him, the sharp increase in drug trafficking due to the economic situation in the country and, as a consequence, the desire of young people to earn easy money. Drug trafficking, says Moskalev, not worth all the time evolyutsioniruet.

“In criminology there is such a thing as a “criminal personality”. Previously, the drug dealer, as a rule, was a grown man, repeatedly convicted who either uses drugs or has passed the way of the addict. Now the criminal is ordinary at first glance, a young man with higher education, sitting at a computer, wears glasses” — describes the law enforcement. In this police business is called almost genocide, because of the potential harm synthetic drugs can only guess.


Police say fight with new trends in drug trafficking should be on several fronts. First, it is necessary to strengthen control of the borders, because the small tabs are the consequences of what has already come to our country in large quantities. You need to change and laws: dealers are no laws that would regulate their activities in the network where they advertise dope. Also it is necessary to prescribe the law so that even with a modified formula, these substances fall under the definition of “drug”.

“We are struggling, but before we drug crime fought 126 employees, is now at the forefront of only 21. And the number of distributors is constantly growing,” — said the head of the DEA, oblon Nikolay Moskalev.

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