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Kharkiv inventors have created a unique bike

Харьковские изобретатели создали уникальный байкKharkiv scientists have created a unique vehicle.

For more than a half of Kharkiv, the inventors created a unique motorcycle that has not previously been seen not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

With blue and yellow bike “Geometric” craftsmen plan to conquer the world championship of customizing.

Soon he will be held in Germany. It involves the creators of a unique vehicle, assembled by hand and are just old recycled things. It was making “Geometric” says the authors.

“In this project we tried to combine different geometric shapes, which are seemingly incompatible. The task was to make, as strange as it sounds, is very complicated, but as simple as possible, the bike. Especially the unique wheels of the bike. They dostatochnye. These wheels were first used on cast-projects somewhere in the mid-90s. We went further and ensured that the wheel spokes. As far as we know, such in world no one is doing”, – said the inventor, Yaroslav Lutici.

The only thing that was borrowed, is the engine from the old Property. The rest made by hand or processed beyond recognition. The creators do not hide it when he first saw the project, do not even believe that such machines will be able to ride. However, the first test drive in Liberty square was a success. So, say Kharkov, with quiet soul to go to the championship. It will be held in Germany in early October.

Харьковские изобретатели создали уникальный байк

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