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Kevin bacon explained why he wants to go back to his hero of the “Trembling earth”

Recently, we reminisced about the TV series “Tremors”, which was announced in 2015, but since neither alive nor dead. Kevin bacon, star of the original film in 1990, he reassured fans, saying that everything is okay, the project is not scored. And it is good news, because bacon himself, ignoring the numerous continuation of the franchise, the series had to return to the role of seasonal handyman Val McKee. Himself, who was among the “lucky” first time meet huge carnivorous worms.

If the first film was good, the second decent, the rest (including the mini-series “Shivers”) – a spectacle for everybody. They also have the fans – still hard to forget the specific mythology of the “Trembling earth” graboid, riceroni and roboblaster – but the film is not just went straight to DVD. And I would like something more impressive. The story is great, especially if you approach it wisely and don’t Balk at the austerity measures. The involvement of Bacon promised to be a breath of fresh air which is so essential to the series.

In an interview with Digital Spy edition bacon reiterated that the series no one gave up. The probability to see “Tremors” on small screens still remains. And he told what he liked about the idea again to play the role of Val McKee.

Someone asked me recently if any of you have played such characters, to which I would like to go back? And you know, there is only one such. I had a lot of roles, but this guy (Val) attracts me one thing. He really did nothing, earned a living as a “handyman”. And then because of the absolutely incredible events he becomes a hero! So, what happens when you so suddenly become a hero? What happens twenty-five years later? These are things that we want to find out through the series.

It is assumed that the plot of the series would ignore the events of the sequels. Bacon, who plays in the project and in the role of Executive producer, admitted that though and was interested in the sequels, not everyone did. Are we to expect in this situation return other actors from the original tapes – is the big question. But what is known for sure is the release date of the sixth part of the franchise: 30 Jan 2018. And while bacon is thinking about the fate of the series, Michael gross, who played a gun fanatic Burt Gummer in all movies graboid, continues hunting on underground worms in the format of direct-to-video. Will meet this couple again – time will tell.

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