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Kendall Jenner was once again at the center of the scandal

Vogue India

Recently the whole world was discussing the scandal, which has dragged Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner). The model took part in a promotional video, which many found unacceptable. Then netizens felt that Pepsi operates in combating racial and gender inequality. After that, the company was forced to remove the clip and apologize to the people.

A frame from a promotional video

At this time the model has again become the epicenter of the scandal — now because of the cover of the latest issue of the Indian edition of Vogue. Kendall appeared on the cover of the edition in the image of Indian girls. Her candid photo-shoot, the author of which was the legendary Mario Testino (Mario Testino), and also graced several pages of the magazine.

Vogue India

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But Indian readers did not appreciate the beauty of Kendall and brilliant work Testino. They were outraged that the editors of the journal chose to give the cover star is American Indian. “She’s beautiful, but in a country where the lives of over a billion people, you can find Indian model! But if the magazine needed an international star, that is, Actresses Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone,” said one Twitter user.

The situation was complicated by the fact that the room was anniversary and was devoted to the tenth anniversary of entering the Indian market. “I am very upset about the anniversary issue of Vogue. India has so many beautiful models and Actresses who deserve to be on the cover,” he wrote on Twitter a fan of the magazine.

While the scandal is gaining momentum, many say that Jenner does not publish photos from the photo shoot to her Instagram. Presumably because he didn’t want to further aggravate the situation around the latest issue of the magazine.

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