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Kendall Jenner told her “the sick story”

Кендалл Дженнер рассказала свою «самую больную историю»The model told about his flaw.

This year Kendall Jenner is more than willing to share the details of his life. Let this openness is part of a new business partnership, to monitor the candor top model is not less interesting.

It all started with the model mother, Kris Jenner, staged a real Internet craze and launched a teaser: daughter tells her “my most painful story.” In the beginning of the month, at the time of the award “Golden Globe”, Jenner said that she became the new face of the Proactiv line of skin care focused on the treatment of acne.

It wasn’t quite the revelation, which is expected from the model of the whole world, but acne is a part of her life, and, judging by her post in Instagram, something she fights both publicly and in private. “Although there are much more serious problems, suffering from acne plagued me, writes Jenner. Is what I experienced as a teenager. Acne made me feel the helplessness, anxiety and uncertainty. I think people don’t share their fears and uncertainty, we live in a time when to be an ideal is a standard. We edit our online life and choose cute moments to share”.

Jenner says she wants to help the younger generation to understand that nothing is perfect, despite how it may look in social networks: “My goal is to start a dialogue about the positive relation to the skin.”

Of course, these revelations may cause a different reaction from the public: the family Kardashian-Jenner have turned every aspect of his life in the show. It is no secret that Kendall paid for advertising. But the fact that she suffered from acne and was subjected to public criticism because of problems with the skin, is undeniable. People who don’t like their skin, you can not go on the red carpet, but they go to offices, in meetings and on dates and it can experience the same emotions as the Jenner. And from this point of view, the conversation about the positive against the skin seems very timely.

Кендалл Дженнер рассказала свою «самую больную историю»

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