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Keira Knightley terrorizing maniac: revelations Actresses

49-year-old mark It from 1 August to 22 October 2016, often came to the house keira Knightley in London, who surprised the actress. The door man periodically made a different sound, like meow, and brought personally Knightley and sent postcards depicting cats. Periodically, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” brings audio from song The Fuzzy Kitty Waltz, which he played It. This behavior of the fan scared keira Knightley, so she reported him to the police.

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Keira Knightley terrorizing maniac: revelations Actresses

At the hearing held on 2 December, keira Knightley explained that, despite the obvious absurdity of the action, Mark it, his behavior had frightened the actress – she was afraid to leave the house and was especially worried about my little daughter.

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Knightley admitted that the behavior of the Mark it brought her a lot of problems:We loved the area where we settled in London. My family liked the local shops and parks, as well as the fact that we live quite close to the centre of this beautiful city. Because of all this we are thinking about moving, and had hoped that our child can go to a local school. Every time I returned home, I had to look, because it seemed to me that the shadow can anyone hide.”
A report about the incident channel “Russia 24”

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During your next visit to the house keira Knightley, It caught the eye of her husband – James Ryton, who first called the police, and then personally arrested the man. In court, mark It guilty, whereupon he was sentenced to forced psychiatric treatment, eight weeks prison with suspended sentence for one year, fined £ 200 and banned hapless pursuer Knightley near her or her family members closer than 91 meters (100 yards).

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