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Kefir diet: minus 5 kg for 8 days

Кефирная диета: минус 5 кг за 8 днейWeight loss with kefir is considered one of the most popular ways of getting rid of excess weight.

Nutritionists allow kefir diet to use in everyday life not more frequently than 4 times a year. Once in three months, that is in season, it is possible to use it in order to cleanse the body of toxins, lose weight and look refreshed.

For most women the yogurt for a long time was the best drink that negatively impact fat cells. Some women drink it instead of dinner, not to gain weight and build metabolism.

There are several kefir diets, one of which we offer. It is designed for eight days. This power supply system can be called a mono-diet, because every day you will need to drink half a liter of kefir. In the penultimate day of the Creator of this diet recommends that you drink about three liters of yogurt.

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In an eight-day menu kefir diet nothing can be changed or reordered. Its extent is the performance, the more precisely you stick to the rules, the greater the result will be able to boast. Average plummet for eight days in kefir diet is five pounds, but if you plug in exercise, contrast showers, hot packs and other treatments are affecting the body and the body in General, you can drop a kilo a day. A great alternative for those who still haven’t managed to lose weight for the New year.

Menu kefir diet:

1 day

Kefir and 4 potatoes in their skins. The products are divided into equal parts to make 3-4 meals. Likewise, you will need to do with allowed foods and in the remaining days of kefir diet. Also a prerequisite is to drink 2 liters of mineral water without gas.

Day 2

Yogurt and dried fruit. You can eat no more than a half-kilogram of dried prunes, dried apricots, raisins and figs together. That is, take 100 grams different dried fruits and eat them with yogurt, according to the rules described in the first day of the diet.

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Day 3

Yogurt and cottage cheese. Allowed to eat just half of a kilogram of low-fat cottage cheese. Sprinkle it with sugar or add honey is strictly prohibited.

Day 4

Yogurt and low fat sour cream 0.5 kg. This day, perhaps the most complex from the point of view of morale.

Day 5

Yogurt and boiled chicken fillet 300 g

Day 6

Yogurt and seasonal fruit. Here you can eat heartily, because it allowed as much as 2 kg of fruits.

Day 7

Yogurt about 3 L.

Day 8

Water 2 liters, but if you are able and want to drink more, please, experts do not prohibit.

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