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Keanu Reeves plays God in the first trailer for “Reproduction”

On the sci-Fi Thriller “Reproduction” (Replicas) we wrote a month ago. Then our greedy paws hit the first shot of the film, lets look at the starring – Keanu Reeves. Here he plays a scientist-biologist, who lost his family in a car accident. To put up with the tragedy of hero and did not want to stand on a dangerous path of human cloning. As usual, things without consequences are not.

Set picture of television Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff. In cinema he is best known as the screenwriter of the film-catastrophe “day after tomorrow”. All in all it was 30 million bucks – not a bad budget, I must say. And the first trailer for “Reproduction”, which we just got, looks pretty enticing.

The script is from the pen of St Chad. John (“Fall of London”) and Steven Hamel (“Criminal chip from Henry”). Apparently, we face a grim NF with serious moral and ethical questions and non-living dudes, as if taken from the movie “I, robot”.

The caste was noted Alice Eve (“Black mirror”), Thomas Middleditch (“Silicon valley”), John Ortiz (“fast & furious 4”), Emily Elin Lind (“the haunting in Connecticut 2”) and others.

For the Russian release of the picture meets the company “Paradise”. The premiere is scheduled for 18 January 2018.

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