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Keanu Reeves flew to St. Petersburg without an escort on that new movie


Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves) noticed in the St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport. The actor flew without an escort and on arrival was surrounded by astonished fans, who have not refused a selfie.

According to rumors, Reeves arrived in St. Petersburg for the filming of “Siberia”. Drama directed by Matthew Ross talks about a diamond dealer Peter, who comes to Russia to sell a rare blue diamonds, but instead, meets a girl and falls in love.

Partners Reeves on the picture will be the including an American actor of Russian origin.

Earlier, the actor said that the shooting planned in Canada, as there to remove technically easier and cheaper. Apparently, plans have changed.

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Earlier in the Network appeared the trailer of the movie “Bad batch”, a role which she played Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey. The scene of post-apocalyptic paintings will be a Texas wasteland, home to a community of cannibals. One of them, known by the nickname of People from Miami, falls in love with his potential food.

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