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Keanu Reeves at the first Russian poster of NF-Thriller “Reproduction”

When people begin to play God, nothing good comes out. But such ties can grow a good movie.

The desire by all means to bring back to life their loved ones tells the sci-Fi Thriller “Reproduction” (Replicas) with Keanu Reeves (“Matrix”) in the title role. Spectators waiting for the next story of the resurrection, only this time with high technology and cloning.

About the plot:

The story is about a talented biologist who loses in a car crash family. Obsessed with the desire to return to loved ones, he transgresses the laws of life and death, scientific ethics and nature.

“Reproduction” removed Jeffrey Nachmanoffbest known for his work on TV. As for the big movies, here he was noted as a writer of suitable film-catastrophe “day after tomorrow”.

Company Reeves in the caste made up Alice Eve (“Black mirror”), Thomas Middleditch (“Silicon valley”), John Ortiz (“fast & furious 4”), Emily Elin Lind (“the haunting in Connecticut 2”), and other actors.

The Russian premiere will take place on October 25, 2018. And while it is possible to look at the first localized poster.

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