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Katya Barnabas were amazed by its thinness

Катя Варнава изумила своей худобойTV host tired to comment on speculation about non-existent audience she has anorexia.

Katya Barnabas shared in Instagram a photo where she is depicted in a luxurious evening dress. This frame can’t take my eyes off it and fans and foes of television stars.

Kate signed his photo: “my Dear, Yes I am healthy and thin… and sometimes a man.. but it does not prevent me from being the happiest person in the world! Love you all.. places I love… places go to Joe**the BA nka))) And happy new year!”.

Almost 134 thousand users of the social network appreciated the way Katie Barnabas with likes. And in the comments compliments intersect with important judgmental messages from people who think that the owner of the account too emaciated and terminally ill.

Катя Варнава изумила своей худобой

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