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Katerina Buzhinskaya touched by new the their twins

Катерина Бужинская умилила новым снимком своих близнецов Fans of the photos had in mind.

In the picture the kids faces are not visible – explorations prefers not to reveal them, but you can clearly see that Katya and Dima are already almost adults. The twins are dressed quite differently, and who from them boy and who girl, can be understood only by the color of the pants and meditates, wearing on the head of the team. Dima is much larger than his sister and seems to be more independent – if Katyusha is pressed against the mother, the boy sits on the carpet and holds in hands of toy bear.

Photos of children rarely appear in Instagram Buzhinskaya, so the last time it was in mid-September – then dressed kids were in the hands of their parents on the background of the pool with palm trees – apparently, the photo was taken during a family holiday in Greece. Faces kids Buzhinsky hid behind the stickers in the form of stars with the words “superstar”.

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But in this picture you can see that Katyusha hairs longer than those of a brother and dark, like dad. And a summer photo, where the explorations keeps a son and a daughter on hands.

The twins Katerina Buzhinskaya a few days will turn 7 months, they are really quite confidently stand on small legs and learning to walk, yet with the support of adults. Pregnant Kateryna buzhynska was silent for quite a long time and just before the birth – in early December of 2016, she shared the happy news with reporters and then showed a beautiful photo on Instagram. That she is expecting twins, Catherine Buzhinsky said with great joy – because she dreamed about twins before the birth of their first child.

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27 Dec 2016, Katerina Buzhinskaya gave birth to twins, and soon called their names, Katya and Dima, as well as their parents – as told mother of many children, wanted her husband, the Bulgarian Dimitar Stoychev. Despite the fact that the family had already lived in Bulgaria, the explorations were returned to Ukraine and gave birth to twins in one of Kyiv’s maternity hospitals. In early February of 2017 kids christened. For such an important event Ekaterina Buzhinskaya and her husband chose St. Panteleimon Cathedral, located in Feofania near Kyiv.

We will remind, people’s artist of Ukraine Kateryna buzhynska married Bulgarian businessman Dimitar Stoychev in April 2014. Except Katyusha Dima and Katya is raising 10-year-old daughter Lena, whose father is the former husband of the actual explorations, the plastic surgeon Vladimir Rostunov.

Катерина Бужинская умилила новым снимком своих близнецов

Катерина Бужинская умилила новым снимком своих близнецов

Катерина Бужинская умилила новым снимком своих близнецов

Катерина Бужинская умилила новым снимком своих близнецов

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