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Kate Winslet with her husband and son resting in Menorca

Kate Winslet with her son and husband ned Rocknrolla

Recently, the star of the movie “Titanic” Kate Winslet family and I went on the Spanish island of Menorca. The network got photos of the actress-year-old son Beara and her husband, 40-year-old businessman ned Rocknrolla on which they rest by the sea (big kids actress, 17-year-old MIA honey and 14-year-old Joe Alfie, the footage has not been noticed). As it turned out, they came to celebrate mom’s birthday ned.

In pictures of Kate appeared in a white swimsuit with blue stripes from Heidi Klein, who emphasized the feminine curves of the 42-year-old actress, wearing a straw hat. However, some Internet users criticized the bathing suit actress, thinking that it played havoc with her figure.

By the way, throughout her career, Winslet exposed to the attacks of enemies because of “too delicious”. However, the star decided long ago not to torture yourself diets for the sake of the mythical ideal.

I’m exactly the same as hundreds of other women. I have imperfect Breasts, I have cellulite — and yet I am very curvy. If this recognition will reassure ordinary women, I’ll be glad

— said in an interview with the actress.

Winslet even organized a special society — “the British League against plastic surgery,” the events which vigorously defends its position and urged to join their colleagues.

Recall, Kate met ned under very extreme circumstances. In August 2011 there was a fire in the Villa of his friend, billionaire Richard Branson, is located on a tropical island Necker. Then the actress took out from fire of a 90-year-old mother tycoon. There was a seminal meeting with the nephew of billionaire — Ned Rocknrolla (his real name is Abel Smith), with whom they have since been inseparable.

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