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Kate moss will be the Countess

Кейт Мосс станет графинейThe supermodel is getting married.

It seems, in the relations of the 43-year-old Kate moss and 30-year-old great-grandson of the “iron Chancellor” Otto von Bismarck, Nicholas, all is normal: after a brief separation at the end of last year, the pair once again together and now seem ready for a serious step.

According to Western media reports, the young count made a proposal of a model and presented the ring with an impressive stone — emerald, set with diamonds.

Themselves lovers of this information does not comment, but paparazzi shots speak for themselves: recently, a couple was caught in London on the way to the theatre. It was then that the journalists and the attentive fans noticed the ring on the ring finger. By the way, photographers spotted Kate tried to hide his hand but failed: everything was seen. Now waiting for official confirmation and a Grand wedding: sure, the celebration will be very exciting.

Recall that on the novel of Kate moss and the young Earl and photographer Nikolai von Bismarck became known in the year 2015, immediately after the model said about breaking up with husband Jamie Hinz. The first pair came out only last year: it was then on the sidelines were muttering about the wedding, but before Kate and Nicholas broke up in October. But, as we see, briefly: the second attempt relationship was much better the first. By the way, rumor has it that the educated parents von Bismarck against such a sister: not only that, moss is older than their son for 13 years, and is renowned for the scandalous antics. However, Nicholas himself too: his dissolute lifestyle led to the separation from the moss, which, incidentally, decided to settle down. In General, we found each other.

Кейт Мосс станет графиней

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