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Kamensky stirred the men, wearing a Flirty mini

Каменских взбудоражила мужчин, надев кокетливое миниNastya Kamenskikh has pleased fans with a fresh selfie.

After Nastya Kamensky became a solo singer, she has drastically changed style. Now the singer does not pleases the audience with their “signature” curls and appears in front of all with a smooth, slightly curled at the ends, hair.

Just a few hours ago Nastya Kamenskih put in fresh Instagram selfie, which she did in front of a mirror, standing in black boots and Golden mini. More than 80 thousand users of the social network praised the attractive image of the singer, but in the comments burst into a violent dispute concerning the look of Nastya and she became better.

The male half of followers, of course, gives the singer a compliment, but women’s envious critics.

Loyal fans asking Kamensky to go back to the old way and at the same time to the Captain to restore harmony. It is noticeable that such drastic transformations from the singer, the audience didn’t expect.

Каменских взбудоражила мужчин, надев кокетливое мини

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