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Kadyrov demands Moscow a substantial increase in subsidies

Кадыров требует от Москвы существенного увеличения дотацийThe controversial politician refers to a sharp increase in the birth rate in the region.

In the midst of the preparation of the budget for the next three years, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has stated the need to consider the high birth rate in the Republic in determining the amount of budget aid.

On the page in “Integrame” Kadyrov posted a photo with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, who oversees regional development. In the signature he indicated that he had discussed with Mr Kozak “the issue of high growth of the population of Chechnya due to the high birth rate.”

“It poses challenges that need immediate solutions. They should be taken into account when forming the budget. This growth in social spending – health, education and others, ” – wrote Kadyrov.

Kadyrov claims that Kozak Republic promised “full support and assistance.”

The representative of the Kozak Ilya juice, in turn, said that it was a meeting with governors to discuss intergovernmental relations. Separately the problems of Chechnya it was not considered.

According to the representative of Kozak, he was unaware of the written request in the name of Kozak from representatives of Chechnya on this issue.

The correct logic Kadyrov?

According to Rosstat, Chechnya is one of two regions with a high birth rate. Per 1,000 of population in the Republic in January-August this year is 20.5 newborns. Above only in Tuva – 22 children per 1,000 people.

In absolute terms the number of births in Chechnya children for the first eight months of this year increased compared to the same period last 54 of the child to 19.4 million People.

The age structure of the population is already taken into account in the methodology of allocation of subsidies to the regions, explained Alexander Deryugin, who heads the center for the study of regional reforms, Institute of applied economic research, Ranepa.

According to experts, the regions with a high proportion of the population under and over working age receive higher transfers from the Federal budget.

In other words, it turns out that Kadyrov calls to what is already there.

Chechnya depends on subsidies

Chechnya is among the most subsidized regions of Russia. The budget of the region is about 80% dependent on transfers from the Federal budget, evaluates Natalia Zubarevich from the Independent Institute for social policy.

The Republic receives “a lot more transfers than it would be at the estimated level,” she says, more than expected by the budget rules.

Last year transfers Chechnya has been reduced by 2%. For comparison, other regions have reduced by 3%, gives an example Zubarevich.

“Just Ramzan Kadyrov little always, no matter how much he was given,” – said the expert.

Kadyrov is not the first time publicly declares the need to increase financial support of the Republic. Last year, during our work on the Federal budget, he entered into public controversy with Federal officials about the size of the subsidies.

“If and further will continue the practice of budget cuts, the Republic will not be able to develop, we will not be able to fulfill its social obligations,” he wrote in “Integrimi”.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said to journalists that Kadyrov may not know how much public investment will be received in the Republic “because the volumes of interbudget transfers has not been distributed”.

As a result of the grants for this year have remained almost at the level of 2016.

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