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Just so we you power not give.Raids, bribes, boycotts, intimidation.

Просто так мы вам власть не отдадим.Обыски, взятки, бойкоты, запугивания.

Raids, bribes, boycotts, intimidation: confronting the opposition does not stop after the election.

The boycott of the meetings and the disruption of quorum, dual power and searches, bribes and intimidation — municipal deputies in St. Petersburg have chosen more than a month ago, but the battle for power on the ground still in full swing. The most fierce and where most of the seats were taken by the opposition or where the elections were held with the unfathomable number of violations.

MO No. 72 in the Central district, the Central municipalities TeenAIDS, Vladimir, ‘ninskoe, the Island of the Decembrists on Vasilievsky island and ul’yanka in Kirovsky district — each of the districts today as they used to say Leo Tolstoy, is unhappy in its own way.

The dual power in Liteyny Avenue

One of the most irreconcilable conflicts exists in MO the Foundry district where the “Apple” won 11 seats out of 20. The stumbling block, of course, was the question of the head of the district. “United Russia” spoke strongly against the candidacy of Arseniy Afinogenova, who voted for 11 “Apple”.

The previous composition of the Council under the leadership of former head Paul Deineka even unsophisticated proposed to change the Charter to elect the head required two-thirds majority is 50%+1. “Yabloko” this had no appeal, and now both sides are preparing for exchange of lawsuits.

In the meantime, according to the website of the County, which apparently is run by the old head is still Paul Dynak. Which of the two is the impostor, and when the end of dual power in one of the main municipalities of the city — citizens to understand, at least, uneasy.

General turmoil provoked even the carve-up of the cabinets. So, October 14, Arseniy Afinogenov was able to get to their workplace only after a call to police.

“We found in the offices of two nepareizais munipov of Ravshanbek Kurbanova and Nikolai Chernyshev. First I began to physically push him out of office,” says Afinogenov.

At one table the opponents also do not sit together failed to hold any meeting. Recently”Apple” was not able to get into the room because of the sign “Municipal Council is closed for technical reasons”. “United Russia” has assured colleagues that all because of a power outage in the premises of IAS, although they noticed that the light still burned. In the end, opposition MPs held a meeting in the courtyard of the Council “in the style of the Novgorod Veche”.

“In 5 years you do not make, and are not paid a salary”

Another opposition lawmaker got a “trouble-free” proposal, the wording of which would be the envy of all the fathers of the Italian mafia novels of Mario Puzo. And to accept Vyacheslav Kulekina, MP from the “Party of Growth” in MO No. 72 in the Central district, turned. And even more — audio conversation with a certain Yevgeny he showed to journalists.

The refusal of the mandate of the interviewee, who identified himself as a representative of the ruling power, insinuating offered Colacino half a million and the position in the Committee, the administration or in the “my charity”. So that the municipality is peace, harmony and balance. That there still was no smell: by the results of elections in MO No. 72 “Party of Growth” took 15 seats out of 20.

First, “old five” tried to increase the quorum from 11 to 17 members, then to slow down the publication of the municipal newspaper about the appointment of Pavel Shvets Chairman of the Board. The appearance on the scene of Eugene all the means apparently had been exhausted.

“There is a proposal — not parliamentary, and bureaucratic position. You can go to the Committee on youth policy, either to go into administration. In any case we dodavit this situation from 72. And it will be as it should be, warns Kulekina the person on the recording. — We already communicated with some people that you have. I am now ready to give at least 300 thousand, at least 500 — to get out of his pocket and put. We offer you another position — you write the rejection of authority and begin to work with us.”

During the conversation it became clear that the scenarios are two: “either peacefully negotiate or leverage to turn will and do as I want.” Remembered Eugene Colacino and certain “drives youth for drinking alcohol,” gently hinting that “we’re all about all you know.” He especially appealed to the fact that in the municipality the Deputy is not only “won’t let you do anything”, but do not pay.

“Everyone needs money. Plus offer to work for wages. Not that in the municipality. Want to work for the benefit of the district — no question, the administration, state, position. This is the dialogue. And for 5 years it did not earn. It is a social imperative. Money to be is nonsense. If you have the opportunity to earn I need to make money. MP — so long gone — in fact does not solve anything”, says the source.

After Vyacheslav Culkin found the strength to refuse the offer, the next three days on the heels followed by the Mazda. Then received SMSes with threats to his family and friends. The Deputy immediately issued statements in urban law enforcement.

You gentlemen, however, take…

According to the record, one of the arguments of Eugene was that his “team has units throughout the city”. So, he argued that the situation has “forced” the defense of ul’yanka, TeenAIDS and the Island of the Decembrists.

MP MO Ostrov Dekabristov Leonid Andruchow confirmed that “push” tried — despite the fact that after the controversial recount of votes mandates here only got three “Yabloko”. However, it was enough to sabotage the work of the municipality.

According to Andrukhova, a certain Eugene also offered him “behind the scenes to agree on positions in the Council” and insist that “the opposition came to the meeting”.

“And even before that we were actively calling candidates and people who consider themselves deputies from “United Russia” and movement “I love Vasilevsky”. The requests are the same — so we sat at the table. They know that even without one of us, the Council cannot elect the head or make the budget”, — said Andropov. However, the lack of MPs is not prevented “United Russia” elected the Deputy head of the Council Olga Pogosyan, even though it is contrary to the Charter.

Meanwhile, Apple is planning to appeal the results of the recount and to demand the abolition of elections in the 22nd district. Recall, the whole “fuss” began after the ballots found typographical marriage: before “edinorossy” in the cage was a point. After manual recalculation of bulletins, according to the “Yabloko”, mysteriously appeared thousands of new ticks, radically changed the situation.

Then the Island of the Decembrists had often been in the headlines: the newly elected Deputy Olga Pogosyan opened the doors of the municipality, use a drill, and still later to the building of the MSU was raided by the FSB.

The split in Ulyanka

What Ulyanka in the Kirov region — one that henchmen of Eugene seems to be “dodavit”? Recall, there “United Russia” took 9 seats out of 20, the other 11 were distributed among the Communists, the socialist-revolutionaries, independent candidates and “Party of Growth”.

MP MO ul’yanka from the “Party of Growth” Pavel Kondrashov, aspired to the position of Deputy, reported that a suspicious contact the three opposition MPs in recent years has not been.

“Don’t know what he was able to “dodavit.” Of intimidation and buying of votes we, at least, not heard. Maybe the source Kulekina just the price itself is stuffed” — said Kondrashov.

To universal agreement within the municipality also seems to be far away. So, after the election of the head of Oksana Khlebnikova from the Communist party “United Russia” took offense and left the courtroom. Evil tongues, however, they say that revealing the care of “United Russia” rhymes badly with the fact that two of them voted for Khlebnikov.

Patchwork in Smolenskom

The choice of the head for Deputatov MO’ninskoe also became anyway. The balance of power in the municipal Council is painfully reminiscent of the patchwork game patchwork. After the elections the “Apple” turned out to be 7 seats, 3 — at the headquarters of the Bulk, 7 — the independents. The “United Russia” — 2, Communist party — 1.

Logically Apple in Alliance with navalhistory and independents can easily get all the key municipal offices. The faction that won the most seats, gets the position of the head, and independent candidates — the Deputy.

“The locals have United with “United Russia” to choose the head of municipality, the only candidate from the Communist party. And to put it simply — at any price to remove the leader of the largest faction in the leadership. The Deputy offered to make one of the “comedogenic” — write in their group “Vkontakte” the deputies of the “Yabloko”.

The strategy is still not passed: the representative of the Communist party voted to only 10 people. “Apple” pointedly abstained.

New sweep

But there is good news. “Yabloko”, to get the majority of seats in the Vladimir district, began to direct their orders.

“After reviewing the documents from the internal kitchen of our Minobrazovanija, my colleagues and I found an Agency for socio-economic development. From the budget of the municipality for his job every month spent 18 million rubles. Remarkably, there were employed about seven MPs of the previous convocation. The Director General was one of the deputies,” — said the Deputy of the Vladimir district Ksenia Lavrova.

MPs have already fired the CEO, and are now conducting an audit of the entire accounting Department. The head of the municipal Council here without any problems was the “Yabloko” Denis Tikhonenko. Deputies have closed down on the commissions and started his duties.

“To me the appointment residents with different problems — housing, improvement of social assistance. At the next meeting we will discuss the project on creation of public Council. It will be a platform for discussion on important social topics, — said Lavrov. — Ahead of the adoption of the budget — the most difficult and important time in municipal service. I hope we in the Council will be able to adopt a consolidated solution. Not all “United Russia” is going to contact, but slowly get used to. They see that we are not going to hang them directly on the Board. We are open to dialogue. I think we will find a common language. And we have much to learn from them in municipal service — after 20 years!” — hoped Ksenia Lavrova.

Anyway, “Vladimir” is a good example of the opposition not only to criticize the government and wreak havoc, but also to solve specific local challenges. And even to negotiate with the “United Russia”.

And how will the relations in the other municipalities and merge the current cacophony in unison, only time will tell.

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