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Jupiter is full of mysteries: NASA looked inside the planet

Юпитер полон загадок: НАСА заглянули внутрь планетыScientists have discovered a lot of new pictures thanks to Juno.

Camera Juno gave NASA information on the processes that occur in the depths of Jupiter at the depth of three thousand miles.
New evidence suggests that Jupiter — the planet is more complex than previously thought.

For example, strong vortices recorded in its atmosphere, as it turned out, penetrate the interior of the planet and cause changes in the gravitational field. The researchers found that it is asymmetric in the direction from North to South.

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In this case, the gas core of Jupiter rotates, according to the information about gravity as a rigid body.

In addition, Juno sent pictures of the planet’s surface in infrared range. It turned out that the cyclones in the atmosphere of Jupiter at its poles fold into intricate patterns. Why is this happening, scientists still have not figured out.

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Juno (“Juno”) launched in 2011, the orbit of Jupiter station out in 2016. the Unit will run until mid-2018, then it will descend into the planet’s atmosphere where it will burn.

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