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Juncker talked about the priorities of the EU in 2018

Юнкер рассказал о приоритетах ЕС на 2018 годEuropean Commission President said that Europe needs a new industrial strategy and the development of the digital economy.

The President of the European Commission (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker announced that it has filed 13 September, the leadership of the European Parliament and of the Estonian presidency of the EU Council a letter of intent, which outlines the main priorities of the Executive Board of the EU for the coming year.

Juncker has called for five key positions, including the strengthening of trade EU programmes, noting that “trade is a jobs.”

According to him, the challenge before the end of the current mandate of the European Commission to finalize agreements on free trade with key partners EU, ensuring full transparency of the process.

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“But we are not naive supporters of free trade. Europe must defend its interests,” – said the head of the EC.

Juncker called for the building of a stronger and more competitive European industry, but one that does not cheat their customers, said the head of the European Commission, referring to the scandal in the European automotive industry manipulation of data on emissions. Juncker has said that we need “a new industrial strategy for Europe”.

Juncker said that the EU should be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. In this direction the European Commission will present new proposals.

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The head of the European Commission stressed that the EU needs to develop a digital economy and digital society, while ensuring the protection of intellectual property, cultural identity, the fight against terrorism and cyber threats.

Juncker pointed out that cyber attacks “know no boundaries”, and in recent years their number against the EU has increased significantly.

Migration will remain a priority of the EU in the near future, and Juncker said that he sees in the efforts to solve the immigration crisis real successes, but greater solidarity of the member States of the EU in this matter.

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