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Julia appeared in the form of a burning brunette Kara c

Julia is not afraid to experiment: for the role in the film, her husband, Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” actress shaved her head.

The sacrifice was not in vain — at the Venice film festival the film won the “Silver lion” for best Director. In addition, the painting “Paradise” was included in the shortlist of nominees on “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”.

It seems that Julia liked to experiment with looks. The actress recently posted to Instagram a collage of photos in which it is difficult to know. Vysotsky appeared as a burning brunette. It is obvious that Julia transformed with the help of wigs.

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“And if not bald and not blonde?” — asked the actress to fans. Opinions were divided: “Only Blondie!”, “In my opinion, the light color is more”, “Very interesting! Alive, expressive, and better than blond!”, “Very right You all to face)), but the blonde somehow softer, fresher, fervently or something))”, “Julia, you are in any way not resistible and charming!!!” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.)

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