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Juicy footage from season 2 of “Preacher”

It seems that everything in this series want to, and you can call juicy. Picture, cast, atmosphere. Posters again juicy. The second season is not far off, so that soon we will again be able to plunge into this the juice.

Well, in the meantime, you can whet the appetites of myself, looking at images from the upcoming “Preacher”. There is fresh footage, and not so that go for the company, since there is flaunt actors Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgan, which is always nice to look at.

In addition, the selection you can see PIP Torrens and Julie Ann emery, to embody the image of Herr Starr and his assistant Lara Fetherston. Well, brutal and Graham Mctavish in the role of Patron of assassins is also available.

Priest Jesse Custer will become a carrier within his nature a strange creature named Genesis. This child copulation of an angel and a demon, is a pure ideal and the essence of light, but also a bunch of absolute evil. Genesis is the only being in the Universe that can stand on a par with God, if they wish, and the media automatically becomes the most powerful being in the material world. And this preacher caster.

“Preacher” will return to screens on June 25 of this year.

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