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Judicial reform in Ukraine will be e-court

Судебная реформа: в Украине появится электронный суд For the bill in the first reading voted 253 MP.

The Verkhovna Rada continued to work on judicial reform and intends to introduce e-court. For the project changes in Economic and Civil procedure codes, Code of administrative procedure and other laws N6232 in the first reading voted 253 MP.

The project, in particular, proposed to introduce e-court. The participants will be able to attend the meeting via videoconference, and witnesses and experts will be able to participate in the process from the premises of another court.

Under the bill, the case file will be stored mainly in electronic form. While preserving the right of parties to appeal to court “in paper form”.

Also in 2019 it is planned to introduce a mechanism for automatic withholding of funds under the court decision.

The document envisages that simple cases are dealt with within no more than 60 days. In commercial and civil disputes introduces the possibility of foreclosure neopalimoy debt in order writ proceedings. Such an order may be issued if the debt does not exceed 100 times the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons. to Appeal the order within 20 days.

The draft law was submitted by the President under the judicial reform.

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