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JUDGMENT NIGHT 4 has found a Director

Welcome to the fourth annual Cleaning or, as it is called, the purge!

As expected, the Creator of franchise , James Demonaco, who directed all the previous part of the cycle, will NOT be directing kvadrikvel. At this time, Demonaco limited to writing the script and will be one of the producers along with Michael Bay, Bradley fuller and Andrew Shapes from Platinum Dunes, Jason Blum and Sebastian Lemercier.

The Director will be Gerard McMurray, a young black filmmaker, making his debut in 2011 short film “Battle buddy”, and in 2017 to attract the attention of the drama “the Burning Sands”, which premiered in January at Sundance.

The plot and the concept of “the purge 4” have not been disclosed, but all understood the General idea of this series: once a year, the US government is organizing a “night purge”, during which officially permitted to kill. Someone is waiting for this night to deal with those dislikes, and someone is hiding, hiding, barricaded in the houses, in General trying to survive the purge.

The world premiere is scheduled for July 4, 2018, Russia – on August 2.

A brief history purge

The original film was released in 2013, and the main role is played by Ethan hawke and Lena heady. With a budget of $ 3 million, the picture grossed about $ 90 million.

In 2014 came the sequel, which from a private house was moved to the streets. The star of the film was Frank Grillo, and the film grossed over $ 110 million with a budget of 9 “millions”.

In 2016, the movie “the purge 3” has issued a trilogy. In the original painting was called “The Purge: Election Year” and was dedicated to the presidential elections. Box office receipts amounted to more than 115 million with a budget of 10.

QUIZ: would YOU Survive purge night?

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