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Judgment in the award – a new CONTEST funny comments/photojob!

The winner is Ро3т, though I must admit that the laurels of those he should share with the other inhabitants of the memory, krutetz that in the first comment proposed “sad Keanu 2018”. Obviously, Ро3т for their photoshop contest was inspired by this same idea, but managed to still put it clearly, thanks and triumphs:

Well, we have a new entry of the contest of funny comments/fotozhab, and the prize in it – the book is Georgi Zotov (a.k.a. Zотов) “the last judgment 3D”, the sequel to his acclaimed bestseller “the Apocalypse. Welcome”. That sounds like the abstract of this publication:

The battle of Armageddon is completed.
Legions of demons are defeated.
Destroyed by earthquakes in Moscow, opened the meeting of the last judgment: in 3D. Before the apostles — Cleopatra, the producer of “House-2”, Anna Semenovich!
It’s all over? No.
From a locked room in Paradise the Devil disappears. Did he run or was he kidnapped? Judgment can not go without Lucifer. The demon Agares released from a concentration camp in Butovo: to him the charge of his brother, the angel Abaddon. Their urgent task is to find Satan. However…
The ending will blow your mind!
“The last judgment 3D” — the long awaited sequel to the cult bestseller. The plot is based on a prohibited version of the gospel. Even scandalous. Even funnier. Even more fun.

Horror plus humor – that still a cocktail. But sometimes without a healthy dose of funny in genre cinema not do – for example, when you shoot family movies like the second part of “Horror.” Frame from this movie and becomes the new competitive job, the benefit is the Russian Prime Minister is not far off.

Recall that one can offer one the option of signing or one fotozhabu; number of comments per participant is not limited. Go for it!

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