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Journey to the mystery. Watch the trailer of the film “Pilgrimage”

A fresh addition to the ranks of exotic films – meet “Pilgrimage” (Pilgrimage) Irish Director Brendan Maldauni. The picture is made in the genre, which received the unofficial title of a medieval Thriller, which will include such works as “season of the witch” and “Black death”, and tells about the journey of Catholic monks and soldiers with the mission to deliver to the Vatican’s sacred relic, which is rumored to be endowed with mystical powers.

With the promotional materials of the film is sparse: a few photos and the trailer, after watching that, you can definitely say only one thing – byudzhetnenko. However, the project involves John Bernal, Tom Holland, Richard Armitage and other decent actors, so cross your fingers and hope for the catchy story.

Premiere of “Pilgrimage” will take place on 23rd April at the Tribeca film festival, date of the release assigned to the 11th of August, USA .

A small group of Catholic monks holding a ceremony on the Irish coast, where suddenly appears a mysterious stranger. It white robes of the Cistercian order, and in his hands a paper, which requires unthinkable – to deliver to the Vatican the sacred relic of the local Church, which, according to legend, able to bring down the entire wrath of the Lord on his enemies. “This is the will of Rome, and it is not subject to discussion,” – says Cistercians.
From this point begins the pilgrimage of monks and soldiers across the Irish land of the XIII-th century, filled with warring clans and the Norman conquerors.

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