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Journalists learned how to live Ukrainian “workers” in Turkey

Журналисты выяснили, как живется украинским "заробитчанам" в ТурцииHigh wages paid by the employer accommodation, meals and transport – fiction or reality?

The Journalist Of “Paragraph!” Hope Rogozin checked, how are Ukrainian “workers” in Istanbul.

Anyone else get in one of the most visited countries in the world, not as a guide, thought Nadya, and went in search of tourists. However, the only one whose attention was attracted by a journalist, was the police, who explained that working as a tour guide in Turkey without a license is prohibited. So Nadia decided not to tempt fate and continued his search.

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“After that, I wove rugs. Physically it was very difficult, because you have four hours to sit in the same posture, aching back and fingers. But since manual labor to my liking, it was even more interesting, the journalist says. – And really enjoyed working in the veterinary clinic. Perhaps most of all. I love animals, and it’s in Turkey a special relationship, in particular, to stray. For example, everywhere there are boxes, bowls of food and water. And the owner of the clinic told me that in his spare time, he searches for the street a four-legged, inspect and treat as necessary”.

Pleasantly surprised by Nadia for these jobs and wages.

“I was surprised that the simple work that does not require special skills or knowledge, and even very well paid. On average that’s about 16 thousand hryvnia per month. But if you work in the specialty, you can generally get a 40 thousand a month” – shared the girl.

However, do not always stay in Turkey brought the journalist “Saroba” only positive emotions.

“I agreed to work on the farm just outside of Istanbul, and the employer agreed to take me to his car. After several hours in the car was concerned, was not kidnapped me, and every 15 minutes and sent its coordinates to the employee with the New channel. For more than four hours through the mountains, forests, and dirt road I realized that we are coming to the border with Bulgaria, and that’s when I got scared no joke – says Nadia – But all ended well. It turned out that we have different ideas about distance.”

Despite this misunderstanding of the conditions on the farm are good, says the journalist. Like most of its Turkish operations.

“The Turks are very law-abiding. They issue you a work visa, paying “white” wages, and even cover the cost of housing, food and transport”, – concluded Rogozin.

Журналисты выяснили, как живется украинским "заробитчанам" в Турции
Журналисты выяснили, как живется украинским "заробитчанам" в Турции

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