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Journalists have conducted investigations into scandals after the Moscow reviewer “Revizorro”

Since Elena Volatile has become the leading program “Revizorro”, restaurateurs and hotel owners can not sleep, and after the blonde went to check in the Moscow institutions, and even broke the scandal.


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In recent editions of “Revizorro” the purity test is not passed the restaurant “Odessa-Mama” and cafe “Children Raika”. The Network immediately sparked heated debate: some blame Elena and the transfer of all mortal sins, others blame unscrupulous restaurateurs and dishonest employees of institutions.

Correspondents Grazia magazine conducted its own investigation, asking all parties to the conflict the most popular questions from social networks.

Many suspected that the Flying visit to the “Odessa-Mama” is her revenge art-the Director of the institution, who has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the “Revizorro” and support to colleagues involved in the show.

“I don’t know of governors of the restaurant “Odessa-Mama” and not know the person who attack us — he did not introduce himself. A revenge that can’t be it: I never in this place was, I don’t know anyone, and anyway, I’m not vengeful people. But seriously: you are, of course, I’m sorry, but a huge number of “delay” that I saw in this restaurant speaks for itself. You can see the story on the website Friday, and to draw conclusions”, — commented Elena.

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Some people think that services of “revizorro” can be bought with a Bat to expose the competitors. Elena denies this information: “As I said in the first program and the one hundred and first say, we come to a place just because we write about it people. They usually write “here is very good, you check,” or “here is very bad, check.” “Odessa-Mama” was one of the last places in the list of those that complained. We arrived, checked in and saw a huge amount of delay — and you saw the story”.

One of the most frequently asked questions: is it legal to stay of the crew in the kitchen? A lawyer and journalist Katya Gordon stated that everything that happens in a restaurant kitchen cannot be commercial secret, respectively Elena acts according to the law on mass media, which permits shooting in public places.

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Most of the owners of the restaurants, checked “Revizorro” negative attitude to show. Representatives of the restaurant Calicano given a negative rating, called it “unprofessional and provocative”.

It turned out that restaurant critics are also not happy with “Revizorro”. “The program “Revizorro” — is exclusively a product of television, designed for a provincial poverty that never do not go to restaurants. And I will not. In fact, the program exploits the basest interests of the plebs. Namely: to show how guzzle the rich and how they are being bullied. Dirt. Expired products. Cockroaches. And now to this is added the obligatory fights with the guards or angry managers. I never could watch even 10 seconds of this abomination. I believe that any relation to “investigation” and “justice” the program “Revizorro” does not. Its disgusting to even discuss. Well, Elena Fly can only wish the advertising contract or with the means for cleaning the toilet or air freshener. For in the understanding of a sane person she’s been “Queen of the latrine”, — said Mikhail Lopatin, the founder of the restaurant guide Insider.Moscow.

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