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Journalists have calculated how many coats in the wardrobes of deputies

Журналисты подсчитали, сколько шуб в гардеробах депутатовData taken from the declarations of officials.

Before the onset of cold weather, the journalists analyzed the electronic declarations of Ukrainian officials and deputies to find out who is the owner of a very large number of expensive fur coats and other fur products.

As reported, “the biggest heater” was the wife of the MP, co-owner of financial group “continuum” Stepan Ivahiva – Svetlana. In her closet hangs 11 fur coats, vests and fur coats.

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Not far behind Svetlana Ivakhiv wife of another MP, one of the richest people of Ukraine Vadim Novinsky. In his Declaration for 2016 Novinsky also indicated 11 fur coats, coats, jackets and capes of such Italian brands as Fendi, Valentino, Marni, who is dressed in winter his wife, Maria, writes the edition.

“Companion people’s Deputy Vitaly Homutynnik has in the wardrobe of just one coat less is 10 pieces. Loves to spoil my wife a fur coat from fur of chinchilla, sable and mink, and the parliamentarian Maxim Efimov. In total, in 2016, he has declared 9 coats and jackets”, – says the publication.

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With the wives of MPs competes inspector of the border service of the Odessa region Alena Zueva. According to the Declaration, in 2010-2014, she became the owner of 7 coats.

All declarations of Ukrainian officials, analysts counted 535 coats, coats, coats and other fur products.

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