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Josh Brolin in the role of cable in the filming of the second “Deadpool” (PHOTO)

Josh Brolin – guy textured and charismatic. Fans mrachnoi remember him in “Planet of fear”, the second “sin City”, the remake of “Oldboy”, “Sicario” by Denis Villeneuve and, of course, exemplary Thriller “Old men” from Coen brothers. While Brolin is not just another display of brutal, but also a good actor. Recruited him David Litch, who is filming a sequel to “Deadpool”.

Fans greeted the appointment differently. As you know, will not please everyone. For all its merits and physique Brolin seemed to many too small for the role of the cable on which it was approved. He says, though he is healthy, but not a mountain of muscles like in the comics, it would be better Dolph Lundgren took. But Lundgren is now working with James WAN on the film adaptation of another comic “Aquaman”. And Brolin, meanwhile, has already appeared in the guise of cable on a special photo shoot. And I must say, it looks good.

We found a couple of pics with cable-Polynom, only this time not pretty-Studio and it is working straight from the movie. Apparently, uneasy have both and actor and the character. Well, no one promised an easy walk. Graying of the cable, by the way, never added (not much really), you can cook the cries about nekanon. Although in current age of computer film the whole thing with no issues repainted after filming.

World premiere of the film “Deadpool 2” is scheduled for may 31, 2018.

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