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Joseph Kobzon called Sofia Rotaru “master of singing under a soundtrack”

Famous Russian singer Joseph Kobzon is preparing for one of the most important concerts in its creative activity. It will soon celebrate 80 birthday, which, of course, will meet on the stage of the Kremlin Palace.

Иосиф Кобзон назвал Софию Ротару «мастером пения под фонограмму»

One of the most interesting questions of interest to all the inhabitants of our country is singing to the soundtrack. Kobzon admitted that he had acted thus and not once, but a master of singing to the sound recording considers Sofia Rotaru. In addition, Joseph said, what is the complexity of singing under a soundtrack.

“I often sang a track. But only when required by specifications performance. For example, the soundtrack of need when writing on television, is almost always necessary when speaking on the stage of the Kremlin Palace. But it is important to understand one thing. When an artist records a song, he is in a physical and moral condition. Repeat this condition is impossible”, — said Joseph Kobzon.

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But the expert in this case, he believes Sofia Rotaru.

“Master of singing under a soundtrack – Sleepyhead Rotaru. She brilliantly gets to a previously recorded song will stand beside you, but never know what she sings under the “plus”, — said Kobzon.

The artist also admitted that he is singing to the soundtrack very hard.

“In all my compositions, there is a powerful literary Foundation. And how are you going to open your mouth in vain, say during the performance “Field, Russian field”? It is necessary to be experienced to understand. It is foolish to look and appeal to the beloved, sung to the soundtrack. The artist is discouraged emotionally and psychologically,” — said Joseph Kobzon.

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In addition, Kobzon has noticed, that the Russians can use the law “On protection of consumer rights”. If the ticket and the poster does not indicate that the singer performs under the track, it is safe to sue for deception, says the artist.

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