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Jordan Peele will shoot a large-scale social Thriller

Promising horror “Away” very soon starts in the Russian hire, and his Creator Jordan Peele have already got a new project. And contrary to rumors, it was not “Akira”. However, what it will be, while precisely unknown.

The film has no script, no title. Announced only that the MPI has signed a contract with Universal to develop this project: he will write the script of the future picture, and then become its Director and producer. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the new tape will also be provocative social Thriller, but its scope will grow considerably, as well as the budget. If “Off” was filmed for $ 5 million, the second film Saw the Studio is going to spend five times more.

It seems that Universal is very pleased to be able to associate contract such a successful rookie. It is understandable, after all “Away” has become one of the highest grossing horror rated R in the history of cinema, and it will not huhry-muhry. 172 million dollars in just domestic box office for horror movie figure fantastic.

In addition, Jordan Peele plans to promote other young black Directors working in genre cinema. And it’s very good, because horror is always in need of fresh blood. In all senses. So Drink will not leave the work in his own Studio Monkeypaw Productions, where producing other people’s independent films. Finally aware that his collaboration with producer Jason Blum (“Experiment Belko”, “Split”) also continues, and they have a number of unnamed low-budget projects.

Well, we’ll curiously wait for new Jordan Saw work and very soon will be able to meet his first feature film which will appear on the screens of the Russian cinemas on 11 may 2017.

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