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Jordan Peele can do a remake of “the Candyman”

When it comes to iconic horror villains, primarily remembered these guys, like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. But one black man with a hook instead of a hand, too short of fans. He’s fucking dangerous, it is called the Candyman, and Woe to those who pronounce that name in front of a mirror five times.

Horror Bernard rose’s Candyman was released in 1992 and spawned two sequels. The plot was based on the story of the famous writer Clive Barker, and the title role is played by the charismatic Tony Todd. Turned out well, what to say.

Recall synopsis:

The inhabitants of the outlying neighborhoods of Chicago there is a legend about the mysterious maniac nicknamed the Candyman, the inhabitant of a parallel world. He didn’t need a knife to inflict wounds: a prosthetic arm in the form of a hook — a perfect instrument of crime. While the Man is beyond reality. But if you stand in front of a mirror five times in a row to say his name, he crosses this shaky line. And then nobody will be able to escape. For the study of this legend is taken a group of young scientists who do not believe in the mysterious Candyman. But at any time instead of his reflection in the mirror they can see the killer…

Almost twenty years have passed since the release of the last film of the franchise, and, apparently, it’s time again to summon the Candyman. Colleagues from Bloody Disgusting found out that Hollywood is already discussing a remake, and involved in all of this Oscar-winning Jordan Peele, Creator of the genre of the hit “Away”. Information is still scarce, there are negotiations; it is not clear whether the marks of Saws in the Director’s chair, or plans to engage in the producing (without his company Monkeypaw Productions will not do here), but in any case, it’s interesting.

What do you say? As you candidacy Saw that today people are in demand and busy? And whether it needs “Candyman” remake?

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