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Jordan found an ancient “comic”

В Иордании нашли древние «комиксы»   This is mainly scenes from everyday life.

In the Northern part of Jordan in the village of Bayt-RAS archaeologists have found an unusual tomb of the Roman period, the walls of which are decorated with numerous images.

As reported by News of the CNRS, the age of the tomb is about 1800 years. It consists of two burial chambers. Burial is distinguished by richly decorated walls. Unknown authors have painted more than 250 of the gods, humans and animals.

So, one of the greatest paintings illustrates the construction of the shaft. It is noteworthy that it contains about 60 explanatory labels.

As the member of the research mission HiSoMA Jean-Baptiste ion, signatures done in Aramaic, but in Greek letters. They resemble the so-called speech bubbles in modern comics.

Signature explain what makes a particular character. For example, two inscriptions are translated as follows: “I cut (the stone)” and “Alas! I’m dead!”

By the way, the tomb is located on the site of the ancient city of Capitol, which was founded at the end of the I century ad It was part of the Decapolis region, uniting ten ancient cities in the South-Eastern part of the Middle East.

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