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Jolie stress “hooked” on pills

Джоли из-за стресса "подсела" на таблеткиThe actress is experiencing frequent headaches and dizziness.

Angelina Jolie got hooked on pills -the Hollywood actress can daily take up to five sleeping pills. And all this is happening against the background of emotional disruption and stress. Earlier it was reported that Jolie is suffering from weight loss, but pretends not to notice this. However health problems and the do not interfere with the actress to star in a movie, though not as successful as brad pitt, writes The Sun.

Insiders say that the actress can no longer sleep without sleeping pills, experiencing frequent headaches and dizziness. Doctors, watching as Jolie mark her unstable emotional state.

The doctors say that Angelina because of the constant stress started to suffer from catarrhal and viral diseases that prevent her to fully be in a movie.

Previously, Jolie in an interview said that in a previous life had time to try many drugs. “For the life of all the drugs I have tried. I was lucky that I didn’t die young. Remember how I took another dose before a family trip to Disneyland. Look at Mickey mouse and immediately see a man who hates his life,” she said.

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