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Jokes from the polls

Приколы от ВЦИОМ

Hi all.We all know about such organizations as VTSIOM. All-Russian Center Of Public Opinion Research.Which publishes its research,looking at which raises many questions.Because I don’t believe in their results,their results can be trusted if you sit in the apartment and not to leave the house,and not see the real situation of the country.


Sometimes I can’t believe that the polls were held in Russia.

Let’s look a few “questionnaires”

These questionnaires comic,and don’t take them seriously.

Questionnaire No. 1.

Приколы от ВЦИОМ

What is interesting, you need to write your claims,if only with chalk or a white pencil.But if neither the one nor the other is not at hand?Means and claims to power there.

No. 2


Приколы от ВЦИОМ

Then I guess the choice is obvious.Better a bad peace than a good war.Although the crisis in the economy there is too much,can not be a crisis in which there is no.There is no economy in the country,the crisis is not to be.And so for 20 years we have tenure of power.

No. 3


Приколы от ВЦИОМ

And here is the answer,as our President has got 73% of votes on confidence among the Russian population.I think that set the mark outside the square,not taken into account.Although we also conducted a survey about trust,about 10% of the votes won by our President.I am very glad that at least every tenth person in Russia to live well.

By the way the survey is still undergoing,and You can see for yourself the results,and to speak about their confidence in Vladimir Putin.

Article about confidence in the President.

No. 4


Приколы от ВЦИОМ

And who we will call the whole word at once?Strange I did not open the first letter with the last,that there were no doubts in guessing the names.In the cells you can write only the letters: I,T,P,N,I.

No. 5


Приколы от ВЦИОМ

There are those who support the idea of violence and to destabilize the situation in the country?Who supports a dangerous opposition?

No. 6


Приколы от ВЦИОМ

And you say that a lot of unhappy.There are only 20% in the country.Here I am wondering how to show a hundred points.

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