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Jokerit: when the clown killer together

Still creating different mashups and crossovers – a contagious thing. Yes, it’s hard to quell the imagination when the media space is haunting so many heroes and villains who are never destined to meet due to difficulties with copyright or other objective reasons. Well, the fan community don’t bother.

Just yesterday, we post a mashup trailer of the film, which in the relentless battle would fit in the Batman and Pennywise. Because of the resounding success of “It” Andres, Moscetti, generally comes out of each iron, and replace them with the other bloodthirsty clown-jester – one of the most obvious solutions for “crossing” universes. But what if the Joker and Pennywise not to swap and connect?

Artist David Martin (Martin David) turned the trick and gave the character, which can be called Pokerazor, for example. As a basis he took the famous panel with the Joker from the graphic novel “Batman: the killing joke”, only added to the look of the villain recognizable features colleagues from “It”. Well, canonical “Ha ha ha” was replaced with a sinister and clingy “You’ll float too”. It turned out great!

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