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Joke of the week: Edun given the forecast for the bezviz

Прикол недели: Ждун дал прогноз на безвизFamous Idun told what he really is waiting.

A sculptor from the Netherlands Margriet van Brefort created Iduna last year. He appeared thanks to a grant of the hospital at the University of Leiden. The artist drew attention to the people sitting in the queue to the doctor waiting for the diagnosis. And there was Idun is a mysterious being without clan or tribe with deep sad eyes, no legs and intent somewhere to go. With the filing of the users of social networks Idun has gained worldwide popularity and broke records in the number memov. For some reason on the territory of Ukraine and Russia (and not in their homeland – in the Netherlands) Idun has become especially popular.
Today is an important day. Idun spoke for the first time. And gave an exclusive interview to “the Country” about how it is to be lonely creation, which only makes it that awaits.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in dealing with Jdoom his mother, the Creator of the sculpture Margriet van Brefort. She helped us to understand the language of Iduna. Below you can also read the original interview in English. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Прикол недели: Ждун дал прогноз на безвиз

“Mom” Iduna, sculptor Margriet van Brefort, along with his creation. Photo:

– What are you waiting for?

– I’m waiting for the flow of time. Life itself is meaningless and we’re all just waiting for something new and exciting. The time is proof that I’m alive, and at the same time, this current is carrying me through. Maybe I’m just waiting for the right companion to have in my life had a goal. Or I’m just waiting because I’m lazy and I want someone else cared about me. Or maybe I just have no other choice…

– Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?

– I am very sensibly evaluate yourself… I know what I look like. I’ve never seen someone like me, so I assume something is wrong. That’s why I’m waiting here to feel better. I hope that if I wait long enough, it will be something that ultimately will change my situation…

– You people?

– To be precise, I Loxodontus Homunculus, or for short: Idun. It is a subspecies of humans, I think.

– Are you a man or a woman?

– I think I’m a man. But I have not seen a female version of my species. So I’m not quite sure. Maybe if I wait long enough I’ll meet her someday.

– But you’re not like the average person. How many species of animals or entities crossed in you?

Two. Man and elephant.

– As in Iduna, people call you?

In addition Homunculus Loxodontus, some people in Holland call me ‘mormel’ or ‘drop’. But “Idun” sounds a little more flattering.

– Why are you here?

– I’m here to pass the time. Why are you here? You also waiting for something?

We waiting for your answer to our next question: what are you made of?

– I consist of atoms and molecules as you are. However, in my body, are joined together, they form the epoxy kind of hard plastic.

– What your soul is made?

– Of epoxide, probably… But mom told me I was hollow inside, so maybe I have no soul.

– Sorry for the delicate question, but what do you eat? You eat at all?

Don’t worry, I understand your curiosity. My mouth is under his nose. But it’s hard for me to eat, so sometimes, when nobody is looking, I just suck the food through the nose. It is big enough for that.

– You not bothered to sit all the time in one place?

– Not especially. I here quite comfortably. And a lot of people is around me and hugs me, which is nice.

What’s going to happen, you got up?

– I’ll need a few feet.

– Do you have a hobby?

Most of all I like to wait. But sometimes I dream to play sports, such as gymnastics or dancing. So you could call my hobby dreams, I think.

– Many compare you to Alf, a character in the American Comedy series. Say what you like. You wouldn’t happen to relatives?

– We are very very distant relatives. But we’ve never met in real life. I heard he’s a pretty strange guy, so it might be even better if it stays that way.

Прикол недели: Ждун дал прогноз на безвиз

Alf, the character of the American Comedy series

– Do not you sad that your homeland, in the Netherlands, you know less than in Ukraine and Russia? What emotions do you feel in this regard?

– I’m a pretty shy guy. So maybe for the better that I am not as popular as in Ukraine and Russia. I have already received so much attention here at LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center, the hospital that has ordered from Margriet sculpture of Iduna – Approx.ed), as well as the original exhibition of sculptures in Leiden. Everyone just wants to touch me and take pictures.

– Why do you think that in our country you so loved?

– I feel that we share the same mentality. All this waiting – I recognize myself in you. We share with you the burden of expectations. But at the same time, it’s no longer a burden. We know what it’s like to be patient and to obey waiting. It’s in our blood.

– If you could stand, you would have come to Ukraine? We also have a lot of queues.

– Of course! I would love to!

– Which queue in the Ukraine would you like to sit?

– Somewhere where you can long to sit and not move.

– In Ukraine, you have become a symbol of a visa-free regime. Give a prediction – when?

– I think the wait is long. I will join you in your waiting.

– You have a significant other? Do you love someone?

– Relationship love-hate with humanity. Sometimes I’m not sure to hate or love them. But still there was no one special in my life, except my mother. But thinking about how to create a female version of me to keep me company. Or maybe it’s just another thing I’ll have to wait forever.

– Who is more impatient – men or women?

Women, I guess. I’m a man.

– What can you expect for all eternity?

– Nothing really. As I said, life has no meaning, has no purpose. All we can do is wait. Or stand up and create a goal.

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