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John Cusack and Christina Ricci will star in cyber Thriller

Company Minds Eye Entertainment has announced a new project, and recruited him under the stars. We are talking about the Thriller “Distorted” (“Distorted”), in which the main roles will be performed by Christina Ricci and John Cusack. Not to say that this couple a lot lately at the hearing, but had the potential to turn a good onscreen Duo. To steer the process appointed Rob W. king, the domestic audience not very familiar. Straight from the tin on his account, for example, the fantastic Thriller “the Bureau of humanity” (The Humanity Bureau) with Nicolas cage. The recommendation is a little questionable, but it is what it is.

For the plot meets Arne Olsen, known for the scripts for the Thriller about a time loop “Repeating reality” and old school “Red Scorpion” with Dolph Lundgren.. In the center of the story – the artist (Ricci), who just lost his child. She suffers from bipolar disorder and disturbing memories, so together with her husband, decides to change of scenery and to move. They choose a luxury apartment home with its ultramodern design and high-tech security system. But soon, the heroine begins to suspect that the owner of the building involved in the conspiracy, the purpose of which is the unconscious obedience of the inhabitants. For help she turns to the journalist (Cusack), who specializiruetsya on conspiracy theories and investigations in the field of cyber crimes.

The description is intriguing, because if you are paranoid, it does not mean that you no one was watching. Especially in building. From this story you can squeeze something really interesting, but you can screw up. As usual, in General. We will see.

In addition to Ritchie Kusaka in the caste claimed and Brendan Fletcher (“Survivors”). Scheduled to start production from day to day in Canada. The release date is not reported.

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