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John carpenter took a new “Christine”! (VIDEO)

It’s technically a music video, and in fact, a short film in which cult Director returns to one of his famous creations — “Christine”.

In 1983, John carpenter released a film adaptation of the novel by Stephen king. Red “Plymouth fury” in 1958 release. The boy who fell in love with the car like in a woman. A series of deaths under the wheels of a jealous “Christina”.

And now, after a bloody thirty-four-year carpenter re-started the engine the old lady to ride on her through the night city!

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Fans know that John is not only the Director but also composer. Own music, tense, oppressive, always created a special charm and atmosphere of his films. In August we learned that the soon to be released collection of the best music from a John carpenter movie, and we even managed to hear out a slice.

And now this video, this new “Christine” (Christine)as icing on the cake!

The short film was the first directorial work of John over the past seven years. It lit up and the master himself, and the main role is played by Rita Volk.

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In full meter icon of horror, most likely, will not return 69 years after all, but the carpenter will take part in the creation of a new “Halloween”, though not as a Director.

In short, grandpa carpenter very happy. Thank you!

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